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T5 Light Fixture Installation

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T5 lights have quickly become the most sought after type of energy efficient lighting on the market today. T5 light fixtures can be used for all kinds of beneficial purposes. In fact, T5 fluorescent light fixtures have become especially popular with plant and aquarium enthusiasts. In the plant category, T5 lights offer an alternative to metal halides which use more energy, don’t last as long, and lose output over time. T5 technology offers consumers an alternative that is energy efficient, last almost twice as long, and provides a more consistent amount of illumination output over time.

When shopping for a T5 light fixture, you will quickly find that there are many choices in size and installation methods to choose from. Some are intended to hang on a stand directly over the area that requires illumination while others are strip fixtures which can be installed anywhere lighting is needed. Some manufacturers include the light bulbs while others do not so you will need to pay close attention to the product descriptions. If you do need to purchase the bulbs separately, make sure you stick to what the fixture instructions recommend because there are many lengths and watt options to choose from.

When possible, purchase your replacement bulbs in bulk especially if you have many T5 lighting fixtures in your greenhouse or commercial location. Buying in bulk will greatly reduce the price you pay for each individual bulb. The internet is a great place to purchase your replacement bulbs because you can easily compare prices from one manufacturer to the other. Because T5 products are manufactured by many different companies, you should have no problem shopping around for a good price for the fixtures you need.

Online shopping is risky no matter what you may be buying so always read product details fully and never go by what is being showed in the picture. There is a large discrepancy in product photos and actual product details. Shop wisely by reading comments and tips from previous consumers or by watching videos. You can find many videos that show you how to install, replace, or maintain your new T5 light fixture. Some are many by consumers but most are actual professionals that deal with T5 products on a daily basis. Always use your best judgment when shopping because you don’t want anything less than a product that is durable, energy efficient, and effective.

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