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Fluorescent T5 lighting comes in many forms including small compact fixtures to large industrial sized light fixtures. Whether you are using T5 light bulbs in your aquarium or greenhouse, you will find that there are many sizes, styles, and intensity levels to choose from. Most companies that carry T5 technology offer other types various types that you can choose from and also price ranges. A T5 light bulb will cost more than any other type of bulb available but it does last longer and provides a more consistent illumination over a long period of time. Metal halides don’t last very long and they lose a good percentage of their light output with use.

When deciding which type of T5 aquarium light bulbs to buy, consider that you will need fewer T5 bulbs in comparison with what you originally had. You can however choose to add more bulbs if you feel more lighting would benefit your sea life. It is important to know exactly how much you need for the fish and plants in your aquarium. You should try to purchase plants that require similar level of illumination as the fish you plan on adding. If you already have a well established aquarium, make sure that the lighting change will not affect your plants and fish negatively. Too much or too little lighting can cause problems for an existing aquarium.

When shopping for T5 fluorescent light bulbs for a greenhouse scenario, you should also make sure that you are getting the right illumination for the type of plants you plan to grow. Each type of plant and size will require a different type of light intensity. If you are placing T5 light bulbs in your existing greenhouse fixtures, make sure the fixtures are operating properly so you get the full benefit of the new light bulbs. If you are unsure about the effectiveness of your existing light fixtures, you may want to consider purchasing new fixtures that are safer and more effective.

Some retail stores different kinds of bulbs and fixtures but not all will consist of the more advantageous T5 technology. If you are looking specifically for T5 lighting products, make sure are not buying just any light bulb. There is a big different in quality of illumination, output, and energy efficiency so you definitely want all of those beneficial aspects if you are making an investment in lighting for your home, greenhouse, business, or aquarium.

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