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Artificial lighting for plants may be a necessity if you plan on growing plants indoors. There are many types of plant lights to choose from but none are as effective and beneficial as T5 grow lights. T5 fluorescent grow lights use very little energy and are cooler when compared to regular metal halide lamps which are typically used for plant growth. You can find many different types of T5 grow lighting fixtures on the market today since more companies have begun to offer more energy efficient options to consumers. As if their energy efficient qualities were not enough, T5 lighting is also longer lasting than other types of lighting options.

When deciding which type of T5 fluorescent grow light to purchase, may sure you take into amount the size and type of plants you plan on growing. Some plants call for more light than others so you will need to choose a fixture accordingly. The area in which you plan to grow the plants may also determine the type of fixture you should purchase. Some T5 grow lights such as the Hydrofarm Jump Start T5 Grow Light System are hanging while others are strip lights. Hanging lights must be installed in conjunction with a light stand which situates the light T5 grow light bulbs directly over the plants. You can adjust the positioning of the bulbs up and down depending on how high you want the light source to be.

Most T5 grow lights also come with an internal reflective finish so more light can be reflected at the plants below. You definitely get more illumination from each T5 light bulb and even though they are more expensive to purchase, over time you will end up saving money because they last longer than other light bulbs. Replacement T5 lights are easy to find and can just as easily be switched out when needed. If you own older light fixtures that once house metal halides, you can convert those to T5 fixtures by purchasing conversion kits. The conversion kit will come with parts that are designed to extend the shorter T5 bulbs to make them fit the older fixture.

To save even more money, purchase your light bulbs in bulk when possible. If you have many grow fixtures in use, it is likely that you will need replacements often so you are better offer getting a pack with multiple replacements at a cheaper rate. Make sure you know exactly the length and strength of your existing light bulbs because any discrepancy may pose a problem. The bulbs may not fit your existing fixtures or they may be too strong or too weak for you plants which will affect the growth rate of your plants.

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