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T5 Lights - Answers to Common Conversion Questions

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As with all new technology, T5 lights have spurred an endless amount of questions and concerns by consumers. Most new technology also has advantages and disadvantages that one must consider before making appropriate changes. To begin with, many wonder where the term T5 originated and what it stands for. The “T” refers directly to the shape of the lamp-tubular and the “5” represents the diameter of the lamp in eights of an inch. A T5 light bulb has a diameter of 5/8 of an inch. T5 light fixtures are the most compact and are slightly shorter in length than other fluorescent fixtures. For this reason, T5 lighting requires a different type of ballast so existing fixtures will either need to be completely replaced or conversion kits containing extenders are needed in order to make the change. Conversion kits are fairly inexpensive to purchase especially if you take into account what it would cost to change all of your existing fixtures.

How advantageous is the new T5 technology? There are many advantages including energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and the smaller more compact sizes. Manufacturers claim that the new technology is somewhere between three to four times more energy efficient than standard fluorescent light bulbs with a similar wattage. Another advantage is that T5 aquarium lighting will also last longer than standard fluorescent lights. Most manufacturers vouch that the lifespan of T5 bulbs is somewhere around 15,000 hours of frequent use. The bulbs run just as hot as regular fluorescents but they do not radiate heat which many aquarium owners feel is harmful and much harder to regulate or keep under control.

What are some of the disadvantages to using T5 light bulbs versus regular fluorescents? A small amount of aquarium owners feel that T5 technology lacks some of the vibrancy or penetration level of other bulbs. That problem has been easily remedied with the introduction of T5 HO bulbs which contain a greater lumen output. The higher output does a decent job of providing illumination evenly throughout the tank so even the most sensitive corals can thrive and survive a lighting change. The price of a T5 light fixture is also something that most consumers do not agree with. Many forget that the initial investment is nothing in comparison to the amount of money that is saved in the long run. T5 technology uses less energy to function day after day and its lasts much longer than any other lighting option available in the market today.

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