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T5 Aquarium Lighting for Corals

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Unlike aquarium systems that only house fish, coral systems require special lighting environment in order to grow and prosper. Fish only systems need lighting so the fish can see and be seen. Reef aquariums offer more options in lighting including the option to choose bulbs that last longer and also offer more energy efficient than regular fluorescent light bulbs. LED or low voltage technology is the most recent and it is considered to be the wave of the future. Unfortunately for many reef aquarium owners, the technology is simply just way too expensive to purchase at its current prices. Lucky for many, fluorescent lighting has also evolved over the years. For instance, the introduction of T5 aquarium lighting gave aquarists a much more compact in size and they also offer more than half energy efficiency of standard fluorescent lighting.

Another major consideration to choosing T5 aquarium light fixtures over regular fluorescents or metal halides is that many experts feel that aquarium T5 light bulbs lack the intensity that is needed in order to promote healthy growth of corals. In many instances, aquarium T5 lighting needs to come from T5 HO bulbs which over a greater lumen output. The amount of aquarium T5 lights, with or without high output, will depend greatly on the depth of your tank. However, most experts recommend that T5 high output lighting be placed in tanks that are more than 12 inches deep. Aquarium T5 lights may initially seem like a steeper investment over regular metal halides but you will need to factor in the amount of money you will save over time. Your tank will require less energy to run each day and the T5 aquarium light fixture and bulbs will last almost double the life of metal halide fixtures.

As with most investments in new technology, there is much that needs to be weighed before you can determine if the change is worth making in the first place. To begin with, you must determine the type of system you want to own before you purchase the lighting. Fish systems are less expensive to purchase and maintain, dependent highly on the type of fish that you choose. Reef systems cost more to establish and require more attention in order to thrive. Depth, intensity, and color of lighting has a great effect on coral growth so you will need to invest in the right lighting for the type of system you are trying to create and for the size of tank you are using.

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