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How Advantageous is T5 Lighting in an Industrial Setting

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T5 lighting was created to offer areas that require high bay lights a greener or more energy efficient alternative. Large buildings like warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities, schools, and department stores all require many ceiling lights to illuminate the space for long periods of time. In the past, these larger buildings only had the option of using standard tube lights also known as metal halides or regular fluorescent lights for their illumination needs.

The biggest difference between metal halides and T5 lights is wattage. Metal halides come in 250, 400, and 1000 watts. T5 light bulbs come in increments of 14, 21, 28, and 35 watts for residential or smaller fixtures. T5 HO lights or high output lights come in 24, 39, 54, and 80 watts. T5 HO lights offer a considerable savings in wattage especially in a large setting.

T5 bulbs only lose an estimated 5-6% output over their lifespan. Metal halides have an estimated loss of 20% output over their lifespan which means they continue using the same amount of energy even though the amount of light they produce diminishes over time.

Color Rendition
T5 light bulbs have a 85-98% color rendition score which means they are very close in comparison to natural light. On the other hand, metal halides have a 65-93% score. T5 lights come in a choice of different color temperatures and retain their color output during their entire lifetime. This is especially important for areas that need lighting that is truer and more consistent through its lifetime.

Energy Efficiency
As if T5 lights couldn’t get any better, they also come on automatically and don’t require a warm-up period like halides do. This energy saving feature as well as the remarkable savings in wattage makes T5 lighting very attractive to consumers especially those with in the industrial area.

Changing existing metal halides for T5 lights is fairly inexpensive. Manufacturers have created conversion kits that can be installed at little cost and right along with the new T5 bulbs. T5 lights also work with regular clip-on reflectors so existing reflectors do not have to be replaced.

T5 light bulbs are made by numerous lighting manufacturers. Suppliers are abundant and prices are very comparable. T5 fixtures and bulbs can be purchased wholesale and in bulk for an even greater savings.

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