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Definition of of lighting fixture

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1. Lighting fixture: the distribution to all, revealing or changing one or more of the light source of light to issue an apparatus, and includes support, and protection of a fixed light source components necessary (but not its own light source), as well as the necessary circuitry and will assist device They connect with the power supply facilities.

2. General lighting fixture: to prevent accidental contact with live parts of the protection, but do not have a special dust-proof, water-proof and anti-solid foreign body level Lamps.

3. Portable lamps can be: normal use, connect to power after the lamp from a mobile to another of the lamps.

4. Fixed lamps: You can not easily move from one place to another of the lamp, as a result, fixed in the lamps can only use this tool can be demolished.

5. Embedded lamps: manufacturers designated in whole or in part embedded in the surface of the installation of lights.

6. Live parts: in the course of normal use may cause electric shock of the conductive parts. Center conductor should be charged as a component.

7. EN safety extra-low voltage (SELV-safety extra-low voltage): the adoption of security, such as isolation transformers or power supply converters and isolated from the circuit, the conductors or between any conductor and earth, between the AC voltage RMS does not exceed 50V.

8. UL low-voltage lines: open circuit voltage less than 30V RMS AC voltage line.

9. Basic insulation (EN): added to the charged components to provide basic protection against access to live parts of the insulation. Pressure should be 2U +1000 V above (U: the local power grid voltage).

10. Add insulation (EN): Additional insulation in the fundamental basis of the independent insulation for insulation failure to provide basic protection against access to live parts. Pressure should be worth more than 2U +1750 V (single).

11. Double-layer insulation (EN): basic and supplementary insulation insulation composed of insulation, the value of the voltage should be more than 4U +2750 V (that is, the basic and supplementary insulation and the insulation withstand voltage).

12. Enhanced insulation (EN): insulating effect of double-layer insulation and a considerable strengthening of insulation. Overall, only a general, but also by high-rise, and not clear at all levels to carry out a separate partition and measurement. Pressure should be worth more than 4U +2750 V.

13. CLASS O-level lights (EN): only the basic insulation measures for the protection of electric lamps, no grounding, and other protective measures.

14. CLASS I light level (EN): In addition to the basic insulation measures for the protection of electric shocks, but also other uses, such as protective measures such as grounding of the lamp.

15. CLASS II-class lamps (EN): double insulation or insulation for increased measures to protect the electric lamp. The effect of the insulation is not dependent on ground conditions or installation.

16. CLASS III level lights (EN): the use of safety extra-low voltage (SELV) for anti-shock protection of the lamp.

17. Ordinary combustible materials (normally flammable material): material ignition temperature of at least 200 ℃, and at this temperature the material will not reduce the intensity or deformation. For example, greater than the thickness of 2mm timber and the timber for the matrix material.

18. Flammable materials (readily flammable material): ordinary combustible materials and non-combustible material other than a material. For example, wood fiber and less than the thickness of 2 to the timber for the matrix material.

19. Non-combustible material (non-combustible material): combustion can not be material. For example, metal, cement, and so on.

20. Test (type test): type of test samples for testing, with the aim of testing a given product design with the relevant standards, but through the stereotypes of the products tested in the production phase of the standard requirements needed To test the report and related documents to guarantee.

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