Lighting knowledge

TheMain technical requirements for lighting products

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1. High-pressure test

2. Grounding resistance test

3. Rally test (the power cord to leave lights or the location of the body when the spin-off packaging in-house wiring connection point)

4. Torque test

5. No. wire

6. Wire connections

7. Polar distinction

8. Open wire line to deal with

9. Off-line protection

10. Universal shook his head, and other parts of the line have been transferred and anti-torque test

11. Screw connection

12. Ceiling / wall lamp hoist test

13. Dumping test (for movable-type lamp)

14. Clamping force (for light folder)

15. Quartz lamp explosion-proof / UV UV: UV FILTER (UV filters)

16. Electric space (Clearance) and creepage distance (Creepage Distance)

17. Surface temperature limit (the normal temperature can be tested only for mobile lamps)

18. Non-normal temperature test

19. Increase the temperature-resistant wire

20. Enclosure

21. Life testing

22. Packaging spin-off

23. Drop test

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