Under Cabinet Lighting(ACM6001)

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Information of Under Cabinet Lighting (ACM6001)

Operating Voltage: AC110V / 230V
Material: Plastic
Ballast: Ballast inside
Light Source: T2 slim fluorescent tube
Wattage: 6W/8W/11W/13W
Switch: Available
Color(Finish): white
Linking Cable: 15CM linking cable
PowerCord: 1.6M VDE power cable
Description: T2 fluorescent lighting fixture, with outstanding lighting performance;Easily install;High safety performance;Widely used for indoors cabint, kitchen etc. lighting and display application; IP20
Lead Time: 45 DAYS
Country of Origin: China
Mark:  Certificate
Category: T2 Lighting Fixtures > Under Cabinet Lighting

Packing information of Under Cabinet Lighting (ACM6001)

Total Wattage Length Quantity Carton Size Gross Weight Net Weight
11W 456MM 30 PCS/CTN 48.5X26X33CM 13KGS 11KGS
13W 558MM 30 PCS/CTN 58.5X26X33CM 14KGS 12KGS
6W 252MM 30 PCS/CTN 28X26X33CM 9KGS 8KGS
8W 354MM 30 PCS/CTN 38X26X33CM 12KGS 10KGS

Pictures of Under Cabinet Lighting (ACM6001)

Under Cabinet Lighting(ACM6001) Under Cabinet Lighting(ACM6001)

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Description of Under Cabinet Lighting: T2 UNDER CABINET LIGHTING is widely used at home for daily and normal lighting system. Their materials are high-quality plastic. They are in slim and linear shapes, with fashionable design, have nice appearances and high safety performance. They are using high-quality electronic ballast, T2 high power fluorescent tubes, wire, switch, lamp holders, power plug cable and so on. All lighting fixture are in complete sets with fixing accessories and screws, which are easy to be installed, especially for DIY purpose. They also can be used in different places as electronic wall lamps, kitchen lightings, bathroom lightings, under cabinet lights, mirror lightings, etc. They are of different sizes, ranging from 0.8FT to 1.8FT, and different wattages, ranging from 6W to 13W. Operating voltage of them can be 220-240V-50Hz for European market, 100V for Japan market, or 110-120V for North American market. The lighting fixture is with power plug cable, we can supply all kinds of plugs, e.g. European plugs, UK plugs, or Australian plugs, to meet customer market requirements.
About Us: China Acmelite Electric Co., Limited is a professional and large-scale manufacturer and exporter of lighting fixtures in Zhejiang province, since 1997. We aim to offer the suitable lighting products and best services to our international customers, and help them to be more competitive and powerful in the global market.

Our main products include T2, T4, T5 and T8 lighting fixtures, halogen lighting fixtures and ceiling light fixtures, which are widely used in home & office, for commercial and industrial purpose as well. Most of the products have obtained Gs, CE, EMC, RoHS certificate and UL listing. They are popular in the global market, especially in North American and Europe. From year of 2007, we also developed two new product lines: Solar powered lighting and LED lighting. Please refer to www.acmelite.net for more details.  More...
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